Long Hair after 50

We women over 50 have all heard the admonitions: long hair is for ingenues, long hair no longer flatters the “mature” face, long hair makes you look like a cavewoman (okay…I made up that last one). But look around and you’ll see significant numbers of woman over 50–and, dare I say, over 60–who are pulling off the look with grace and style, such as Meryl Streep, Jill Clayburgh, Jane Seymour, and Sally Field.


Jill Clayburgh


And the beauty of long hair over 50 is not limited to the celebrity set. Check out my friends Heidi, Merille, and LeeAnn:




We boomers are playing by different rules. In fact, we’re creating new rules. And I, for one, love where those new rules are taking us.


7 thoughts on “Long Hair after 50

  1. Janet

    All these pictures are great and these ladies are lovely except that I do not consider these to be ‘long’ hair except maybe for Jane Seymour. Maybe Merryl’s is somewhat longish but the rest are just medium length.

    I am over 50 and my hair is approximately waist length.

    1. You’re so lucky that you can grow your hair that long! Based on rate of growth and replacement growth, a lot of women–of all ages–can’t grow to such fabulous lengths.

  2. Janet

    I grew it out in 2005 after having many styles. It has to do with ease of care – not trying to look younger. Even though I look good, nobody is going to mistake me for a 25 year old. I have very straight hair and I gave up on perms which ruined my hair. My hair is clean and well kept and I color it to cover gray. I get more positive than negative reviews. Long hair is just another option for women and they should not feel afraid of it no matter what their age.

  3. I completely agree. For years, we’ve been told that long hair is exclusively for the young, yet many 50-plus women are proving that to be wrong. Thanks for being one of them.

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