More about Long Hair for Baby Boomers

After writing my recent post on long hair for older women, I received a note from my friend Penny, pictured here:


When she and I first met, about 20 years ago, her prematurely gray hair was shoulder-length and straight with bangs, and it looked fabulous. Over the years, she has playfully experimented with various shorter styles…with color…with growing out her bangs. Most recently, she came up with the above look–a variation on the style I thought flattered her so much when I met her.

In her words, “My hair guy gave my hair a bit of lift when I went back to the page style. I can’t wear the same cut I had 20 years ago, because my hair has really changed and it would just hang without much pizzazz. But now it has that wonderful, successful look you’ve always liked on me.”

Even though the style is similar to what Penny sported those many years ago, the look has been updated, giving her the effect she wants without making her look like she’s been holding on to the same haircut since the ’80s.

Keep in mind that hair changes with age and hormones. You might not have as much volume as you used to and the texture of your hair might be different. But rather than tell yourself that long hair is a no-no at your age, work with your stylist to find a longer cut that’s suitable for you.


2 thoughts on “More about Long Hair for Baby Boomers

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