The Tony Awards Dresses — Likes and Dislikes

The fashion focus of the Tony Awards is nowhere near that of the Oscars. At Radio City last night, there was no sign of the over-the-top frocks that scream from the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre. As a result, my response to many of the dresses was a ho-hum neutrality:

“Yeah, that one’s okay.”

“I like the top of the dress, but what’s up with the skirt?”

“Ummmm, I guess that one’s kinda nice.”

Given that fact, my picks and pans are brief.

Kudos for absolute elegance go to Gina Gershon, Allison Janney, and Jane Fonda:




My votes for “What were you thinking?!” go to Dolly Parton and Edie Falco:


This is an award ceremony, Dolly, not a sleepover–so why are you wearing a peignoir?

Tony Awards

You know what aluminum foil looks like when you crumple it into a ball and then uncrumple it? Now dye it blue, and there’s your dress. Also, what’s up with the hemline? It looks like the dress was too short, and someone offered to lengthen it–with a different box of aluminum foil. (But I still think you’re magnificent. Your work in ‘Night, Mother was one of the most extraordinary performances I’ve ever seen on Broadway.)


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