The Best T-shirts for Baby Boomer Women

The classic T. It seems like such a basic piece of clothing, but the cut of the shirt can make or break your look, particularly if you are a woman of a certain age.

This one by James Perse is a good choice, because the V-neck visually elongates the torso and the winged sleeve flatters the upper arm. (I once read that Sharon Stone pulls on the sleeves of her T-shirts to stretch them out and give them that winged look, because it makes her upper arms look smaller.)


This style by Nation has an A-line shape, so it’s a good choice to wear over jeans. I’m sure you’re familiar with the lumpy-belly look you get when you wear a fitted T over jeans. Since this shirt hangs a bit loosely over the bulk of the fly, problem solved.


If you don’t have biceps worth flaunting,  an elbow-length sleeve, like the one on this Michael Stars T,  gives you just the right amount of coverage.


Unless you pump iron on a regular basis, have great genes that make you look like you do, or have very slender upper arms, avoid a cap sleeve that ends at the fullest part of the arm, like this:


If you want to add a feminine touch, the ruched back on this Ella Moss T shows off your waist and takes the look from gender-neutral to girlie.



3 thoughts on “The Best T-shirts for Baby Boomer Women

  1. The Nation T’s seemed like a great idea…until I went to their website and saw the price. $60-94 for a T-SHIRT??!!!

    Point in fact – not all Boomers have tons of discretionary income, in spite of what the media seems to believe. (Especially those of us who didn’t come out on the high end of the divorce sweepstakes…)

    The idea of a t-shirt that actually fits Boomer women’s bodies is brilliant…but SURELY someone makes one that’s actually affordable. (It’s a T-SHIRT, for goodness sake!)

    1. Simply use my suggestions for T-shirt styles as a guide, then look for comparable styles at a lower price point. Target has some great Ts with various necklines and sleeve lengths, so it’s easy to find something flattering.

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