Shoe Confusion

So I can’t decide if these Stuart Weitzman Exert platforms are fabulous shoes or oh-my-god-my-feet-are-killing-me-what-was-I-thinking! shoes.

Weitzmans are notoriously comfortable, in spite of towering heel height. And, of course, the higher the sole platform, the lower the heel seems–and feels.

I think the design on these is superb…I’m just wondering if buying them would turn out to be a too-old-to-wear-these faux pas.

Any opinions from my baby boomer sisters?



7 thoughts on “Shoe Confusion

  1. Penny Hill

    They are very pretty shoes. Although the ball of the foot is raised, meaning you wouldn’t really be walking on your toes, your heel would still be perched precariously on those stilts back there. The shoes might be “comfortable” — but you’d have to decide how good your balance is and exactly what body part you want to risk if you fall off ’em.

  2. Jan

    Are you INSANE???? No one should wear shoes like this unless they are sitting on a stage next to Oprah, who admitted that she only wears stilettos when she’s sitting down and someone brings them to her. Be kind to your feet, they’re the only ones you have.


  3. Penny Hill

    I am the first to admit that I am wrong (so I can be right about being wrong! bwahahaha) — and I was wrong about those shoes. They’re beautiful and look pretty on your feets and I am sorry I was part of the chorus that told you to not buy them for cheap; and now they’re gone. You may flog me – but with a gauze scarf or something, not those stiletto shooz!

  4. Yah, that tortoise-shell version you found was pretty amazing. They felt good, and they were so damn sexy! But hey…your role in the chorus saved me money…..

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