Getting a Jump Start on Fall Fashion

Ever the creature of habit, I’m constantly drawn to clothing in black and deep shades of gray. These are two great finds from a recent shopping excursion to San Francisco.

Menswear cropped pants by Robert Rodriguez:


Silk cowl neck top by Vince:



More Style Atrocities

Last night, a friend and I attended “Summer Nights,” a local event featuring live music, vendor booths, food, and assorted entertainment. The streets are closed to traffic, and locals and tourists wander through town experiencing the unique personality of the Sierra foothills.

But, alas, Nevada City’s personality is not its only unique feature. Following are some of the looks I witnessed, and trust me–they were not pretty. Please keep in mind that these were all on women north of 50–or women who looked like they were.

  • Super-short, African-print nylon shorts that wrapped and tied and bagged out to reveal upper thighs just short of buttocks; worn with a skimpy tank top
  • Tight, black, mid-thigh shorts with black cowboy boots (This outfit was complemented by jet-black, obviously dyed hair that was cut short at the nape of the neck, had long stringy pieces on the sides, and featured a short mohawk at the crown.)
  • A loose-fitting blue flowered skirt and matching handkerchief-type top that tied in the back; no bra (This little number was worn by a woman with long, gray hair and sadly yellowed teeth.)
  • Too many bra-less boobs to count

I think I’d better stop here.

Dressing Strictly for Comfort — I Just Don’t Get It

I have to begin by saying Honestly…I don’t mean to offend anyone. It’s just that I’ve been seeing a lot of garb out there that I simply can’t comprehend. I mean, I understand the importance of wanting to dress comfortably. But when “comfy” translates to looking like you couldn’t care less about how you present yourself to the world, my style sensibilities start to tremble.

For example, I just don’t get women who:

  • Wear pajama pants or sweatpants with Ugg boots when they fly. This is particularly mind-boggling when the flight is only an hour long. Can you really not sit in actual streetwear for 60 minutes?


  • Wear leggings as pants. This should be against the law, classified right up there with indecent exposure.


  • Wear shorts or short skirts–well above the knee–when their legs aren’t exactly street worthy. There are better–and more flattering–ways to keep cool.



  • Fail to wear underwear. To me, all that bouncing would completely undo the comfort factor.


  • Wear long, shapeless dresses and Birkenstocks. Are you unaware that it’s 2009, or do you really not mind looking like you’re stuck in the ’60s?


I believe that dressing, at least in some part, is for others. Whether we intend it or not, the way we adorn our bodies contributes to the way others perceive us. For example, a woman in an impeccably tailored suit and a pair of heels is seen as powerful. A woman who sports an outfit made up of multiple components that all work together is considered fashionable. A woman who plays with colors and textures and makes an original statement is artistic.

On the other hand, a woman who throws on any old schmata in the name of comfort looks like she just doesn’t care–not only about how she looks but about how she is perceived. Forgive me, but I just don’t get why anyone would want to do that.

Closet Purge


I have a bad habit of buying clothes and then forgetting about them. I’ve posted about this before, and the problem is an obvious one: I have too much stuff.

I once read that each time you buy a new item of clothing you should get rid of an old one, but that’s a bit extreme for me. Given my lifestyle, my wardrobe includes LA and NY clothes (places I frequent), as well as Nevada City clothes (the place where I live). Suffice it to say that something I might wear locally to have lunch with a girlfriend is not necessarily something I’d pack for LA.

That fact aside, my closets were still too full. So this morning, feeling a bit bold and ruthless, I launched an attack. By the time I was finished, I had two large garbage bags filled with clothes and shoes to take to the thrift store.

The good news: I feel as if I’ve accomplished something useful.

The bad news: My closets don’t look that much emptier, which means that my clothes must have really been jammed in there. Hmmmm…so maybe that’s good news after all.

More Great Pants from Anthropologie

I have a thing for slouchy pants. They look fabulous on skinny days and camouflage brilliantly on chunky days, making them the ideal wardrobe staple. (Sam, my stylist buddy, once described my body type as “rectangular, with a hint of pear,” so anything that skims breezily over my hips and thighs makes me happy.) All of that is to say that these pants from Anthropologie make my heart beat just  a little bit faster:

Origami Pocket Pants


Cross-Front Crops


An Open Letter to Andy Roddick

Dear Andy,

I hope that today, instead of mourning your loss to Roger Federer, you are celebrating the irrepressible skill, talent, and artistry that you exhibited during the men’s finals at Wimbledon. You are an extraordinary athlete, and it was a thrill to see you play what must have been some of the best tennis of your life.

And yes…one day soon, your name will be up there as a winner of the tournament.