Emmys Dresses — The Best and the Worst


mariskahargitay-emmy09 Mariska Hargitay

cos-sandra-oh-092109-lgn Sandra Oh

Actress Debra Messing arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards Debra Messing

cos-drew-barrymore-092109-lgn Drew Barrymore

Alyson-hannigan1 Alyson Hannigan


Primetime Emmy Awards Arrivals Sarah Silverman

cos-ginnifer-goodwin-092109-lgn Ginnifer Goodwin

cos-mila-kunis-092109-lgn Mila Kunis

cos-padma-lakshmi-092109-lgn Padma Lakshmi

TV personality Kathy Griffin arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Kathy Griffin

And then there’s this, in a category all by itself:

Victoria_Rowell Victoria Rowell

He’s a president, not a dress. Be clear on this.


6 thoughts on “Emmys Dresses — The Best and the Worst

  1. Penny Hill

    You left out Sigorney Weaver!!!!
    And the dress with glass . . . January Jones.

    What did you think of Kyra Sedgwick?

    Oh – and pairing (for presenting awards) Jennifer DD Hewett with Patricia EEE Arquette. It kinda made me laugh. Am I a bad person?

    And why don’t these people DO SOMETHING WITH THEIR HAIR?

  2. Sigourney Weaver’s dress was pretty, but it was really rumpled.

    I thought January Jones looked gorgeous, but I can’t decide about the dress.

    Kyra Sedgwick looked like a sofa.

    As for the boob duo, Patricia Arquette was dangerously close to launching a nip.

    Hair worn down is the order of the day these days, and up ‘dos just aren’t that popular. Some people seem to think that means it’s okay to wear their ordinary going-to-Whole-Foods hair. (Or worse yet, going-to-the-gym hair.)

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