Weitzman sandals fail the test

Alas, the Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals featured in my February 17 blog post are going back. Aside from being about 1/4-inch short in the footbed, they simply weren’t a hit with my husband, who is a style guy in his own right.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: “What don’t you like about them?”

Him: “The shiny leather…the heel…the wide strap…oh, and the buckle.”

Me: “Honey, that’s the whole shoe.”

Him: “Yes, I guess you’re right. But don’t return them on my account.”



More from Sam Saboura

On February 9, I did a post on a faux suede jacket from Sam Saboura’s new spring line. I uploaded a couple of photos, but my hanger-over-the-door shots didn’t even remotely do it justice.

Here’s what it really looks like:

It will be available at hsn.com on March 1.

Stuart Weitzman wedges

I fell in love with these wedge sandals when I first saw a similar version in a braided beige fabric last summer.

Shortly after spotting them online, I saw a photo of an actress (who will remain unnamed) wearing them with rolled-up khakis. The look was so edgy and cool that I was hooked, but the $365 price tag–compounded by the fact that my wardrobe is predominantly black, so I wasn’t sure how the beige would fit in–gave me pause.

A recent Web search revealed these on a New Jersey-based site called footnotesonline.com. In addition to being my color of choice, they’re marked down from the original $365 to $182.50. No tax…no shipping.

I’ll let you know how they work out.

A Tribute to My Amazing Girlfriends

While having lunch last week with my friends Jamie and Jan, I couldn’t help but notice the radiance in their faces. We are what society would call women of a certain age, but there is nothing short of absolute prime in these two women.

Being with them and feeling their magnificence made me think of the other women in my life and how utterly amazing they are.

This post is for the girlfriends who make my days so rich and full and rewarding. You are wicked and wonderful…brilliant and breathtaking…fit and fabulous. Your commitment to your passions stands as a testament to your energy and vitality, and there’s no fading in sight.

I’m honored and proud to call you my friends.

Aging without a Road Map

Think about it for a minute: baby boomers are the first generation of women who are moving into maturity without role models. As we enter our 50s and 60s, we cannot look at what our mothers were like at the same age and say, “Yep. that’s going to be me.”

The boomers I know are far more focused on fitness and healthful eating than the generations before them, and whether it’s a testament to good genes or clean living, we all look younger and are more vital than our mothers. That’s the good news. The bad news is: what can we expect as we get older…and older…and older?

In truth, we are aging by the seat of our pants. Our mothers had their mothers to look to for what to expect. Our daughters have us, and if they’re paying attention, they’re learning that it’s possible to run marathons at 55, have a book published at 58, and play the romantic lead in a movie at 61.

But we boomers are a generation stuck in the no-definitive-answers zone, not knowing what’s lurking around the next corner as we make our way toward our golden years.

In truth, it will be a very different journey for all of us. Genetics and lifestyle will certainly affect the paths our lives will take. In spite of the variables, we will all share the not-knowing part…the unexpected, unpredictable changes that will appear as we continue to move forward. The road is not well lit–heck, there are no street lights at all!–so we’re left to make our way through the dark.

In situations like these, it’s good that we have each other.

An Evening Dress for Under $70?

Nordstrom says yes, and I’m a believer.

A recent cruise on the Nordstrom Web site revealed this dress on sale for $69.90:

Made of dupioni silk and fully lined, it seems to be made to order for any woman who has even the slightest fullness in the hips and thighs. (Yes, I know I talk about this body type all the time, but it happens to be one I know intimately.)

The color is smashing–if the real deal is anything like the way it appears on my monitor–blending a bit of purple with lush navy. Silver (and diamonds–real or faux) would be the perfect accent to take this dress right over the top.