An Evening Dress for Under $70?

Nordstrom says yes, and I’m a believer.

A recent cruise on the Nordstrom Web site revealed this dress on sale for $69.90:

Made of dupioni silk and fully lined, it seems to be made to order for any woman who has even the slightest fullness in the hips and thighs. (Yes, I know I talk about this body type all the time, but it happens to be one I know intimately.)

The color is smashing–if the real deal is anything like the way it appears on my monitor–blending a bit of purple with lush navy. Silver (and diamonds–real or faux) would be the perfect accent to take this dress right over the top.


6 thoughts on “An Evening Dress for Under $70?

  1. We can only hope the abbreviation wouldn’t be SAD. 🙂
    I just had to order the dress. It will be here on Tuesday, so you can see it in person.
    And you’re right, this is definitely a Michelle Obama dress…especially with her buff arms.

  2. It arrived today. The color has a purple cast to it, so it has more depth and richness. It fits perfectly through the torso and hips, but the top is too big. A quick pass by Christina Rose and it will be perfect!

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