Sarah Pacini – Summer 2010

As I sit here in my Anthropologie knickers and fabulous sheer black Sarah Pacini sweater (bought in Rochester, NY last year), my thoughts keep drifting toward more, more, more Sarah Pacini. Her designs are difficult to find in the US, and my source is a lovely boutique called Different Point of View, which is, unfortunately, 3000 miles away from home.

For the time being…or at least until we plan our next visit to see Mike and Christina…I’ll have to make due with these photos from her summer 2010 collection.

Shoe Elegance

My love for Louboutin shoes knows no bounds. The reason I still don’t own a pair–other than the obvious sky-high price tag–is my hesitation to invest in heels that are so incredibly towering. I own one pair of shoes that have a 4.25-inch heel, slightly balanced by a .5-inch platform, and I wear them only when my primary responsibility for the evening is sitting.

But these!

These Patent d’Orsay Pumps have a heel that is a mere 3.25 inches, which means walking–and even dancing–are not beyond the realm of possibility.

Enduring Black

While looking through some old photos, I came across this one taken in the ’70s at Machu Picchu.

Apparently, I have been a fan of monochromatic dressing for most of my adult life–proof that the old black is the new black.

I still wear that Cartier tank watch–except now it’s considered an antique.

P.S. Note the band-aid on the thumb. Some things never change.

Mellifluous Miscellany

I can’t decide which I like more: the look of this tank or the name: Mellifluous Miscellany Tank.

As a writer, I find the alliteration very appealing. As a woman who’s desperate for the arrival of spring…it snowed in “sunny” California just two days ago…I am so ready to wear something light and breezy.

The source–Anthropologie, of course.