Australian Open: The Ace and the Fault

Setting aside the fact that I find Maria Sharapova incredibly tiresome, irritating, and annoying, her tennis outfits are consistently stylish, tasteful, and flattering. This year’s ensemble for the Australian open is no exception:

Tennis is one of the few style arenas where matchy-matchy actually works (unless you’re a guy, in which case it looks like you’ve been dressed by your mommy).

Alas, “stylish,” “tasteful,” and “flattering” are not words that even remotely come to mind when describing this disaster on Venus Williams:

It looks like she’s trying way too hard to be fashionable and edgy. Instead, she just looks foolish.




4 thoughts on “Australian Open: The Ace and the Fault

  1. Anita Reisdorf

    I actually haven’t seen Venus play yet …yikes! Her outfit is hideous! Must be she is trying to distract her opponents since her game is off. Maria, on the other hand, is a class act. Although she is not playing her best right now, her poise and determination on court are certainly admirable, as well as her sense of fashion.
    Looking as good as she does, she can even get away with the grunting!!!

    1. Anita…I was hoping you’d see this post! I don’t know what Venus is thinking…she doesn’t need to resort to the hooker look to get attention. She did the same thing in Flushing Meadows last year with another of her Ninth Avenue-inspired outfits. Maria always looks terrific!

  2. Penny Hill

    I just read a story a few days ago about either her or her sister’s new outfit – the dress was little more than “a glorified tank top.” Apparently it was meant to be worn with nude-tone pants, but she opted for black shorts. I don’t get the fashion statements. They’re pretty tasteless. Although – I just looked at Serena’s fashion line (on the home shopping channel) and it’s tasteful and conservative.

    1. I just checked out Serena’s line on HSN. You’re right…it’s very simple and conservative…a far cry from the outrageous crap both sisters wear on the court. I wonder who designed it for her. 🙂

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