First Lady of Style

For starters, every woman should be blessed with a husband/partner who looks at her this way. The expression on President Obama’s face truly takes my breath away…as does Michelle Obama’s dress by Ralph Lauren and necklace by Tom Binns. To top everything off, her slicked-back hair is the perfect choice for showcasing her incredible bling.

This fabulous woman’s style is positively inspirational.

Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

Anyone with the shopper gene knows that this event is currently underway. Those same DNA-enhanced people are likely cruising the Nordstrom site on a fairly regular basis to see what fabulous bargains they might discover. Such was the case with my friend Penny, who loves shoes but has a hard time wearing heels. Because she’s such a good friend, she has no problem passing on her finds to me, and her I-can’t-have-’em-but-you-can attitude led to these:

Nordstrom and/or Miz Mooz call them a T-strap, but I disagree—probably because I’ve always hated T-straps. Also, I dare you to find a T-shape anywear in the design.

Miz Mooz shoes are consistently made of the softest, plushest leather, and this lovely shade of green is perfect for spring. I also love the retro look, which seems to be part of a phase I’m going through these days. My guess is that I’ll wear these happily through spring, summer, and early fall.

Thanks, Penny!