Big Style in a Small Town

The historic town of Nevada City, California isn’t likely on anyone’s fashion radar, but it should be. Maiden Lane—located on Broad Street, the town’s main drag—carries the sort of merchandise you might expect to find in an exclusive boutique in LA or New York. Here you’ll find a stunning selection of clothing and accessories by A-listers such as Eileen Fisher, Blue Willi’s, Sympli, and Brighton.

In addition to fabulous clothing for both women and men, it’s the place to go for gorgeous coffee-table books and cookbooks…exotic soaps and teas…indulgent candies and scented candles…decorative pillows and designer purses.

Owners Bo and Stu Wolfson have elevated buying to an art form. They know their stuff well, and every item in their store is marked by outstanding quality and exquisite design. In anticipation of foul weather to come, they’ve laid in a supply of fun, funky, fashionable rain boots by Ilse Jacobsen, a Denmark-based design house. Never before have puddle-jumping and snowdrift-hurdling made such a fashion statement.

Each week throughout the holiday season, I’ll be featuring a new specialty item. If you live in the area, stop by the store located at 307 Broad Street in Nevada City. If you’re not close by, visit Maiden Lane’s website for an entertaining online shopping experience.

Fabulous Pants from Anthropologie

I love how the shape of pants ebbs and flows with the passage of time. Wide-legged trousers have been in fashion during several different decades of my lifetime, which makes me wish I had the space to archive items and bring them back into my wardrobe when the fashion gods tell me it’s time. Alas, I have neither the room nor the patience to do that, so I’m forced to buy new clothes when styles return. Dang.

After depositing numerous wide-legged pants at the consignment store, I now find myself buying them again—and loving the forgiving nature of their shape. My stylist buddy Sam Saboura once described my shape as “rectangular, with pear tendencies”—a description that made my personal trainer gasp, but which is probably pretty darn close to the truth. If I’m going to jut out anywhere, it’s at hip level.

By their very nature, a perfect-fitting pair of wide-legged pants will skim over the hips, adding volume at the bottom of the leg for balance. The Abiding Trousers from Anthropologie do precisely that. They’re also fully lined, making them feel like the most luxurious pants in the world.