Ohhh…that smells fabulous!

So…how’s that Christmas gift list coming along? Mom? Dad? The kids? Uncle Edgar? Aunt Lucy? What about the folks who brighten or simplify your life on a regular basis, like your hair stylist, babysitter, spin instructor, or your child’s teacher? A small, thoughtful gift is a great way to say “thanks for being there for me,” and saying it with fragrance sweetens the gesture.

Scented soaps, candles, and room sprays are perfect for just about any female on your gift list. Choose a fragrance that’s fresh or spicy…flowery or fruity…homey or exotic. The exquisite packaging elevates your gift to an art form, making the presentation as lovely as what’s inside.

Available at Maiden Lane in Nevada City, California and maidenlanenc.com.

Washable Suede — Perfectly Wonderful

Nothing says elegance like the soft richness of a suede jacket…and nothing says practical like the convenience of an ultrasuede fabric that you can toss in the washing machine.

Tribal’s fully lined ultrasuede jacket is available in colors of the season, including poppy, cedar, espresso, and purple. And at $120, it’s an absolute steal.

Available at Maiden Lane in Nevada City and http://www.maidenlanenc.com.

Welcome Winter with Blue Willi’s

Sticking with the subject of cozy, nothing says warm and comfy like this winter-welcoming sweater from Blue Willi’s. Soft to the touch and richly cabled, it’s the perfect grab-and-go solution when temperatures dip.

The Blue Willi’s concept is built on the Blue Story: the tradition of the color blue. Indigo is nature’s own blue dye—a living color that has been used for more than 4,000 years. Its appeal is the fact that it fades gradually and naturally with wear. Think of what happens to your favorite pair of jeans—how they soften and lighten over time. On the most exposed areas, wearing and washing cause the outer layer of the indigo color to disappear and take on the white color from the core of the yarn.

Blue Willi’s indigo knitwear is made with yarns dyed with indigo. As each item is worn, time leaves the signature of the owner’s natural wear, allowing the clothes to become more beautiful…more personal…over the years.

This is a great piece to buy for yourself or for someone special. Perfectly suited to women of all ages, it will keep someone you love warm and comfy for years and years to come.

Available at Maiden Lane, Nevada City, California and online at http://www.maidenlanenc.com.

Cozying Up to Winter–Maiden Lane Style

While I recognize that summer is a popular month among the throngs, I’ve always been a fan of fall and winter. Perhaps it’s the hunkering-down-with-a-steaming-mug-of-coffee aspect of a chilly morning…or the brew-a-pot-of-green-tea-and-do-some-serious-writing call of a blustery afternoon…or the light-a-roaring-fire solution to a snowy evening. Any way you look at it, the operative word is “cozy.” And cozy feels good.

At Maiden Lane, cozy comes in a variety of forms. From chunky, cabled cardigans to flowing, draping sweaters…from softer-than-soft scarves to silly socks that’ll make you smile…your solution to warmth can be found at this lively Nevada City, California boutique.

Stop by 307 Broad Street or visit http://www.maidenlanenc.com to explore the many ways you can stay cozy this winter season.