Cozying Up to Winter–Maiden Lane Style

While I recognize that summer is a popular month among the throngs, I’ve always been a fan of fall and winter. Perhaps it’s the hunkering-down-with-a-steaming-mug-of-coffee aspect of a chilly morning…or the brew-a-pot-of-green-tea-and-do-some-serious-writing call of a blustery afternoon…or the light-a-roaring-fire solution to a snowy evening. Any way you look at it, the operative word is “cozy.” And cozy feels good.

At Maiden Lane, cozy comes in a variety of forms. From chunky, cabled cardigans to flowing, draping sweaters…from softer-than-soft scarves to silly socks that’ll make you smile…your solution to warmth can be found at this lively Nevada City, California boutique.

Stop by 307 Broad Street or visit to explore the many ways you can stay cozy this winter season.


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