2012 Academy Awards

The Hits:

Penelope Cruz

Natalie Portman

Mila Jovovich

Cameron Diaz

Octavia Spencer

The Misses:

Kristen Wiig

Tina Fey

Maya Rudolph

Melissa McCarthy

Meryl Streep

This last one pains me, because I adore Meryl Streep. In this instance, however, her beauty is overwhelmed by masses of fabric.

Edgy Hairstyles

Every so often—too often, if you ask my hairstylist—I feel the urge to make a major change. My hair was past my shoulders for several years, and I loved the flexibility of wearing it so many different ways: curly, wavy, straight, in a ponytail, and French-braided. About a year ago, I had it cut to shoulder length…and then I had it layered…and then I went shorter…and now I want to go shorter still.

I’m intrigued by the edgy bobs I’ve been seeing lately, and I think that’s where I’m going to land.

Tomorrow is the big day: cut or quit. Stay tuned.

Sarah Pacini – Summer 2012

If I could, I would likely wear nothing but Sarah Pacini. I’ve been in love with her clothes since my friend Christina first introduced me to them, and the pieces I own are the highlights of my wardrobe.

It is therefore no surprise that I have fallen hopelessly in love with her summer 2012 collection. These are a few of my absolute favorites: