Let’s talk about boots, shall we?

For starters, who are this season’s boots made for anyway?

After a recent visit to Nordstrom, fueled by the rather incredible anniversary sale prices, I sat in the shoe department for nearly an hour trying on pair after pair. In every instance, the shaft was enormously wide and came up to mid-knee. The look was akin to a pair of trumpets on my legs, and tucking in skinny jeans did nothing to take up the slack. I was frustrated and disappointed, because the styles were quite wonderful.

[I feel the need to interject that I do not have particularly scrawny calves. I’m in the gym at least five days a week, and while I may not be ripped, I can flex a decent calf muscle.]

The sales associate who was helping me seemed as disillusioned as I was. It was clear that he had run into this problem before, and he wasn’t very happy about having dissatisfied customers walk away empty-handed.

“The brand you need to try is Aquatalia,” he said. “The shaft is cut much smaller, but I don’t have any of them on sale.”

“Fear not,” I replied. “that’s why we have the Internet.”

And that’s how I discovered these.

I’ve owned Aquatalia boots in the past, so I know they tend to run a half size small. With this is mind, I ordered up and landed a perfect fit. The shaft doesn’t stick out from my leg, yet it expands to accommodate a pair of tucked-in jeans. They’re comfortable, waterproof, and stylish, and the woven design sets them apart from other equestrian boots on the market. They’re also made in Italy, which almost always works for me. Perhaps best of all, they’re on sale for 40 percent off.
I’m a happy shopper.


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