Is it time for boots yet?

One of the few downsides of living in California is that summer can hang around for way too long. I can already sense the rotten tomatoes being hurled my way by those who disagree, but as a former Jersey Girl (in truth, one is always a Jersey girl), I like autumn to kick in by mid-September.

My way of combating this issue is to dress for fall as soon as the temperatures even hint at dropping. While it may still be too warm for a sweater, it’s not too warm for boots.

Pikolinos Le Mans

After searching…ordering…returning…agonizing…I found this Pikolinos Le Mans boot on the Nordstrom site. This particular style has since disappeared, but it’s available on Amazon.

The heel gives just the right height boost, and the comfort level is second to none. The boots looks great with skinny jeans tucked in, which is likely to be my fall/winter casual uniform this year.