And they come in red!

In March, I posted about the Lisette L Pant-Alon—a great-fitting skinny that’s a fave of Oprah. With the fit of a legging but the look of a pant, they’re a great way for skinny-jeans fans to take the style up a notch for dressier days. I immediately bought them in black (surprise, surprise), and they’ve been my go-to choice ever since.

Fast forward to earlier this week, when I got a phone call from Bo Wolfson, owner of Maiden Lane in Nevada City, CA, telling me that the Lisette pant is now available in red. Be still, my heart.


While black and grey have long been my choice for bottoms, red is the only other color I’ll wear. Go figure. Red, in all its iterations, is hardly subtle, but this shade is a deep, rich cherry that doesn’t scream to draw attention. It teams beautifully with black, so I can wear these pants and stay in my comfort zone.

Available at Maiden Lane, 307 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA. Phone orders welcome: 530.265.9520.


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