Streets Ahead Handbags at Maiden Lane

The finest Italian hides, completely crafted by hand—that’s the story behind Streets Ahead, a southern California company that specializes in leather accessories. “Streets ahead” is a South African saying that means “ahead of the pack,” which precisely defines the handbag styles created by this company. The line is featured at speciality boutiques across the country and around the world, and the savvy buyers at Maiden Lane in Nevada City, California are among the trendsetters.



Each component of the pattern is hand-stamped. The leather is refined and lightweight, making it a pleasant alternative to structured bags that already have some heft to them before you even put a cell phone inside. With Streets Ahead, you can toss in all of your essentials and not feel as if you’re carrying a suitcase on your shoulder. As someone whose handbag is always filled with everything I might possibly need under any set of circumstances, this is a very good thing.

To get your Streets Ahead handbags, visit Maiden Lane at 307 Broad Street in Nevada City or call 530.265.9520.


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