2014 Emmy Awards

Perhaps the most memorable part of last evening’s awards ceremony was Billy Crystal’s moving tribute to Robin Williams. To be sure, the dresses tended to be ordinary and predictable, with a few exceptions. Fortunately, those exceptions were nothing short of outstanding.

Lizzy Caplan

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals


Heidi Klum


Christine Baranski

Arrivals - 66th Primetime Emmy AwardsLena Headley


The biggest disaster of the night was:

Lena Dunham


Although this unflattering confection is tough to beat, a few came relatively close.

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet

Christina Hendricks

Actress Christina Hendricks from the AMC drama series "Mad Men" arrives at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

And Julianna Margulies gets my special award for my-god-your-face-is-gorgeous-but-please-eat-a-sandwich. When she stood up to receive her Emmy and turned her back to the camera, the rear of her dress actually drooped due to sheer emptiness.




4 thoughts on “2014 Emmy Awards

  1. Julianna Margulies has been on a teeny-tiny downward spiral for about a year, but she’s gone way too far. When I saw the droopy butt on her dress, I ached for her. As for Lena Dunham, standing up straight would be a start. Also, anyone with a short waist should know that a tucked-in shirt is a definite no.

  2. Terri Tilly

    I loved Lizzy Caplan’s Dress. The back was beautiful, but my goodness a little ice cream every now and then would not hurt these women.

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