Emmy Awards — 2015

Alas, last night’s awards show was probably the worst-written thing I’ve ever seen. Andy Samberg was positively goofy, and he seemed to elicit more groans than laughs…in my household, anyway.

The fashions didn’t exactly dazzle me either. While there are a few that made it to my good list, I lost count on the bads. These are the ones I liked:

Lady Gaga [There’s more after her. WordPress is into massive spacing today.]



Viola Davis























Gina Rodriguez



Jamie Lee Curtis



Christine Baranski



Kristen Schaal
























Alan Cumming: Because…Alan Cumming!






















The ones that missed missed by a mile:

Heidi Klum: aka Big Bird



Joanna Newsom: Every woman should wear a dinner plate on her chest.



Naomi Watts: This dress requires some serious hoiking up.



Naomi Grossman: I can see your belly button, but I’m guessing that’s what you had in mind.



Nazanin Boniadi: Illusion netting at its worst



Padma Lakshmi: Ghastly color and at least one size too small



It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune.

A dear stylist friend (Sam, you know I mean you) once told me that the looks he puts together often consist of high-end merchandise and items he finds at stores with lower price points. I’ve held on to that concept for a long time, because I realize that my natural focus on brand names and favorite designers can get in my (financial) way.

As a result, I often shop at places like Banana Republic and The Gap for everyday wear. Sure, it’s necessary to weed through a host of synthetic fabrics and less-than-stellar craftsmanship, but the results are usually worth it.

A perfect example: these Sloan pants from Banana Republic. I saw them online, read the reviews (“fits more like a legging than a pant,” “not as short as pictured,” “go up a size”) and ordered accordingly. The upshot? They’re fabulous–and they’re also on sale.


Another lesson I’ve learned is to pay attention to reviews. Sure, they’re often all over the place, but when you consistently see the same comments, it pays to take notice. For example, my inclination would have been to buy these in my usual size, but when most folks recommended sizing up, I took their advice–and it was well heeded. The larger size yielded a cross somewhere between a fitted pant and a legging, making them infinitely more versatile.

These work equally well with flats or heels…short booties or tall boots. They can be dressed up with a crisp white shirt and black blazer, or treated a bit more casually with a black or white tank topped with a brightly colored long cardigan.