Booties for Spring

I have long resisted the lure of warm-weather boots, but like many fashion-forward trends, this one has captured me. I recently purchased these Aquatalia booties on sale (40% off) at Nordstrom, and now I want to wear them all the time.











For starters, they’re insanely comfortable. Made in Italy, Aquatalia maintains a focus on style while never losing sight of functionality and craftsmanship. Although the price point is on the high side, I’ve never regretted purchasing a pair.

My pattern has always been to team booties with skinny jeans or tights and skirts. I hesitated wearing them with skirts and bare legs, since most of my short boots are black and I thought the end result had a leg-shortening effect. And then I started thinking about color. Lucy Lui has long been sporting the boots-and-bare-legs look, and it totally works on her 5’3″ frame. Why? Because her choices are usually a variation of tan or grey—light colors that minimize the contrast between skin and leather to make legs look longer.













I’m sold. It’s a different look for me, and I like the change. It’s always fun to shake up your style sensibilities a bit, which is what fashion is all about.

Trends come and go. We hold on to favorites for a long time, and we experiment, however briefly, with something new and different. It keeps things fresh, and I’m all for that.



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