The Latest Trend in Jeans

I’ll admit it…I’m intrigued. I’ve been seeing brightly colored skinny jeans all over the place for fall, and I’ve decided to figure out a way to make them my own.

These, in particular, caught my eye. They’re the AG Stevie Ankle jeans, available at Anthropologie.

I own a pair in black, and I confess to having worn them to death all summer. My hesitation about the red ones is that I always clad my lower body in black or grey, so a bright color embracing my hips and bottom gives me pause. (A classic baby boomer dilemma, I’m sure.) But since these are really skinny…and therefore lend themselves nicely to a long cardigan over a tank or cami…I’m thinking there might be a possibility. My plan: a black ribbed cardigan from White House/Black Market…an as-yet-to-be-determined tank…black heels or boots. Could work!


You can never be too rich…too thin…or have too many black pants

Yes, I have way too many black pants, and that’s not likely to change any time in the near future. Black bottoms are essential components of my wardrobe–dare I say it?…of any baby-boomer woman’s wardrobe–and I just plain enjoy collecting variations of them.


Anthropologie’s protean crops are my latest love. They look great with bare legs and heels…with tights and short boots…with flats…making them a great building block for a fall wardrobe.