The Latest Trend in Jeans

I’ll admit it…I’m intrigued. I’ve been seeing brightly colored skinny jeans all over the place for fall, and I’ve decided to figure out a way to make them my own.

These, in particular, caught my eye. They’re the AG Stevie Ankle jeans, available at Anthropologie.

I own a pair in black, and I confess to having worn them to death all summer. My hesitation about the red ones is that I always clad my lower body in black or grey, so a bright color embracing my hips and bottom gives me pause. (A classic baby boomer dilemma, I’m sure.) But since these are really skinny…and therefore lend themselves nicely to a long cardigan over a tank or cami…I’m thinking there might be a possibility. My plan: a black ribbed cardigan from White House/Black Market…an as-yet-to-be-determined tank…black heels or boots. Could work!

Style Consulting for Baby Boomer Women

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If you’re interested in sound style advice from someone who’s right there in your age range, this is the place to go.

You can never be too rich…too thin…or have too many black pants

Yes, I have way too many black pants, and that’s not likely to change any time in the near future. Black bottoms are essential components of my wardrobe–dare I say it?…of any baby-boomer woman’s wardrobe–and I just plain enjoy collecting variations of them.


Anthropologie’s protean crops are my latest love. They look great with bare legs and heels…with tights and short boots…with flats…making them a great building block for a fall wardrobe.