Holiday Splurge

I did it.

I finally did it.

After lusting over Louboutin shoes for years–and years and years and years–I finally took the plunge.

It all happened at Barneys in Beverly Hills, where I was shopping with my friend Laurie. Laurie and I go back more than 25 years, so she’s seen me through just about every style phase I’ve ever dabbled in. These will fit in nicely with my classic phase, which hasn’t a hint of my remorse phase:

I don’t think I’ve ever been so delighted with a purchase in my entire life.

Things I miss about LA

  • Going to THE Blvd. in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for an overpriced glass of wine and some of the best people-watching on the planet
  • Sitting on the patio at 208 Rodeo and dipping warm sourdough bread in herb-and-garlic-infused olive oil
  • The feeling of utter accomplishment when I could run all the way around the park during Boot Camp…and then run home
  • Walking to The Grove for casual weekday dinners, and then shivering on the return home because I could never, ever figure out how to dress properly for LA summer nights
  • Shopping for fabulous take-out at Whole Foods and hardly ever having to cook dinner
  • Sunday brunch at Geoffrey’s
  • Being fussed over at B2V
  • Third Street Promenade
  • Huntington Gardens
  • Barneys
  • Seeing Sam
  • Friday lunches with Laurie at Kate Mantilini
  • Hanging out with Remi