Shoe Elegance

My love for Louboutin shoes knows no bounds. The reason I still don’t own a pair–other than the obvious sky-high price tag–is my hesitation to invest in heels that are so incredibly towering. I own one pair of shoes that have a 4.25-inch heel, slightly balanced by a .5-inch platform, and I wear them only when my primary responsibility for the evening is sitting.

But these!

These Patent d’Orsay Pumps have a heel that is a mere 3.25 inches, which means walking–and even dancing–are not beyond the realm of possibility.

More Louboutin

There are no words to describe this shoe:

Okay…maybe stunning, gorgeous, feminine, elegant, ravishing, dazzling, glamorous, sublime, lovely, splendid. It is a veritable thesaurus of a shoe.