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On February 9, I did a post on a faux suede jacket from Sam Saboura’s new spring line. I uploaded a couple of photos, but my hanger-over-the-door shots didn’t even remotely do it justice.

Here’s what it really looks like:

It will be available at on March 1.

A Sneak Peak at Sam Saboura’s Spring Collection

Sam has truly outdone himself with this faux suede jacket from his new spring line, available at on March 1st:

Blending lush-to-the-touch fabric with exceptional attention to detail and impeccable fit, this jacket is a must-have-piece for spring. Although my photos don’t do it justice, the color of this one is a gorgeous silvery grey that serves as a perfect neutral. It will also be available in dark brown, teak, and lilac.

Ruffle detail:

I cannot stress enough how amazing this fabric is. It feels like the softest, finest suede, and price is the only indicator that it’s not the real deal.

Kudos, Sam, for one of your most fabulous pieces ever!

More Great Fashions from Sam Saboura

Fabulous stylist-to-the-stars Sam Saboura launches his new resort line on HSN on Tuesday, January 19, at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. PST/noon and 6 p.m. EST. The Hollywood elite aren’t the only ones who can reap the rewards of Sam’s incredible talent and style savvy. Here’s a sample of what he’ll be featuring:
Every piece is designed to flatter the body, and Sam absolutely delivers on that promise. You can consistently count on great style and high quality at an amazingly low price.

Sam Saboura–Clothing Designer Extraordinaire

Sam Saboura knows more about women’s bodies than should be allowed by law. I swear, the man is amazing! Not only is he a sought-after stylist to the Hollywood elite, but his clothing line on HSN reveals an almost eerie (in a good way) knowledge of what flatters women.

Sam gives style advice that seems subtle, but has dramatic impact. For example, he suggests that a woman dress to reveal her forearms, because no matter what her body type, this is one of the most delicate and graceful parts of the female body. Just try it, and you’ll see. Now, he’s not suggesting that you give up long sleeves and neither am I, but check out the look you get when you push up the sleeves on a blazer. From menswear to girlie in a flash!

STYLED by Sam Saboura is for real women with real bodies. Even the models who show off his line on the live HSN broadcasts are a departure from the 5’10”, 110-pound classics. Their less-than-willowy figures have curves…just like us. They have parts that they’d like to camouflage…just like us. And they look spectacular in the clothing that Sam has designed to meet the needs of women who will never appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Perhaps best of all, the prices are for real women, too.

On behalf on the baby boomer sisterhood, thank you, Sam, for your fabulous, much-needed contributions to our closets.

STYLED by Sam Saboura

I have to preface this post by saying that I think Sam is one of the finest stylists on the planet. I had the honor of co-authoring his book, Sam Saboura’s Real Style: Style Secrets for Real Women with Real Bodies, and we became lasting friends during the process. I admire him as a professional and I adore him as a human being, so it is with great pleasure that I write about what he’s up to now.

Sam is a sought-after fashion expert and stylist for the Hollywood elite, and he has devoted his career to bringing out the best in women. He has made dazzling style transformations on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” and TLC’s “Real Simple. Real Life.” And now, his skill and savvy combine with affordability as he launches his new womenswear collection—STYLED by Sam Saboura—exclusively on HSN.

A firm believer that style should be easy, approachable, and unintimidating, Sam has designed an exciting line of modern separates to help women discover and maximize their own personal style. On trend but never trendy, the focus is on fit, function, and fabulous style. Each piece has been created to appeal to all ages and sizes, strategically designed to flatter the body and highlight a woman’s best assets. The collection includes softly structured knits that drape beautifully to make dressing positively effortless. Washed faux-leather jackets deliver an elegant look and feel, offering an instant update to any wardrobe. A brilliant color palette of fuchsia, teal, and moss green complements basic black and dark denim, creating a glamorous look that’s easy to wear. And because STYLED is designed from a fashion expert’s point of view, it’s like having your very own stylist on hand to dress you flawlessly season after season.

Here’s one of my favorite pieces from his collection:

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Tailoring — The Secret to a Perfect Fit and More

I recently purchased a stunning Sarah Pacini linen sweater at a little boutique in New York. When I went to wear it the second time, I noticed two dime-sized holes on the bottom left of the sweater near the hem. I had no idea how they got there, but all the speculation in the world wasn’t going to solve the problem. Taking it back to the shop wasn’t an option, since I live 3,000 miles away. So I did what I always do when my wardrobe needs help: I called my tailor.

Christina Rose is absolutely the best at what she does. She created a seam all the way down the left side of the sweater, completely eliminating the holes. She then added a matching seam on the right side for balance. The result is that the two seams look as if they’re part of the original design, and there’s no sign of the holes. If it weren’t for her skill and creativity, that $300+ sweater would have been unwearable.



Because it’s impossible to overstress the importance of having a great tailor in your pocket to perfect an item of clothing or make a repair, I’ve opted to post the following excerpt from Real Style: Style Secrets for Real Women with Real Bodies, which I co-wrote with stylist Sam Saboura.

Behind the Seams: TAILORING

Behind every great woman is a great tailor. Learning to select the right clothing for your body type makes you sensible, but getting it to fit properly is an art form. Once you master this important style lesson and develop an eye for the ultimate fit, you’ll unlock your potential to look your absolute best in whatever you wear.

The most stylish women in the world rely on the expertise of highly skilled tailors and seamstresses to customize their wardrobes. Part of having real style is knowing, at a glance, when an item of clothing can go one step further and be that much better. Wearing the “right clothes” is always secondary to having a meticulous fit, because without it, even the most spectacular outfit fades into mediocrity.

Tailoring helps to elevate your wardrobe—both the basics and the special pieces—to the next level. Its purpose is to improve the fit of an item—not completely re-make the basic style or cut.

I’ve talked a lot about proportion and how the right fit can correct almost any issue. Now I’ll show you how to look at your clothing in a strategic way so you begin to see how the slightest change in a hem or seam can affect the big picture. By the end of this chapter, you’ll be able to walk into a tailoring shop and know exactly what needs to be done to each piece of your clothing to make it outstanding. Once you understand the “how to” of altering your clothing correctly, you can work with your tailor to turn your store-bought clothing into couture.


When purchasing a new item of clothing that requires altering, ask your salesperson if tailoring is included. Most of the time, there is a fee to have the work done in-house, but some high-end specialty stores—and even chain stores that you would never suspect—offer free alterations to their clients. A penny saved is a penny you can spend on something else, so always ask.

Based on your budget, you will need to decide the caliber of expert you are looking for. If you want a quick and inexpensive fix, try the tailor at your dry cleaner. I am often surprised and impressed by the speed and quality of the work at these shops.

If you have an item that is more important to you, step up to a mid-range tailor or seamstress. Odds are you will be paying more, so you should also expect more precision and attention to detail.

Lastly, if you have a vry special piece that you’ve spent some serious cash on, head straight to an exceptional tailor.  Hold on to your hat, though, because prices at these shops can be astronomical. I have often turned beet red at the cash register when faced with the total cost of some of my alterations.

Try a little experimenting with the tailors in your area. Start with alterations on just one piece, and check out the results. Over time, you’ll have your own little black book of qualified professionals in a variety of price ranges.

Whether you use the services of a lower-end or top-of-the-line tailor, always ask what the charge will be before you commission him or her to alter something for you. You’re the one who ultimately decides if it’s worth the price, so don’t hesitate to change your mind if the cost seems too high. After all, if it’s going to run you $450 to re-make a three-year-old $500 leather jacket, it makes more sense to buy a new one.

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