Vintage Glory

I recently discovered This site features a variety of jewelry styles at a variety of price points, so it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone.

While cruising Charm and Chain’s wares this afternoon, I came across this bib necklace:

It’s designed by Lulu Frost, who blends antique and modern elements in her pieces. I think it’s one of the most beautiful necklaces I’ve ever seen.

I have no will power.

I’ve been lusting after these sandals since last summer.

They’re by Stuart Weitzman…no surprise there…and I am hopelessly in love with them. Steve Madden has done an inexpensive knock-off this season that’s profoundly similar in design, but unlike the khaki neutral of the Weitzman shoe, Madden’s is a muddy brown. And I just can’t go there.

There’s something in my DNA that viscerally resists the idea of looks-like-the-real-deal-but-is-a-cheap-imitation. It’s compounded by the fact that I was raised by a mother who believed that accessories can make or break an outfit. When I was a teenager, she told me that a quality shoe can make even an inexpensive dress look good, but it never works the other way around. Even the most beautiful, costly outfit will pale if paired with cheap shoes…and I’ve never forgotten that.

So here I sit…waiting for my authentic Stuart Weitzman “Alex” sandals to arrive via UPS. Nordstrom has ’em. Bloomingdale’s has ’em. They’re absurdly expensive, but that’s feeling irrelevant at this point.

Sigh. I am truly my mother’s daughter.