Style Genetics at Work

No, this isn’t really a style post. I just think it’s pretty funny that my sons  and I are dressed alike in  jeans and black blazers.


When I went to visit them and checked into my hotel with the two of them by my side, the man behind the desk said we looked like the Gatti family. All weekend long, whenever he saw my younger son (the bigger of the two), he greeted him with, “Hey, Soprano!”

I Love This Dress

The LBD takes on new dimension with this little number from Diane von Furstenberg:


(Okay…so charcoal isn’t exactly black, but LCD just doesn’t make sense.)

The black, asymmetrical, ruched waist inset adds a visually slimming effect–as well as a heap of drama. When my friend Heidi wore this to dinner in San Francisco, our friend Scott said she’s never looked more beautiful than she did in that dress.

Handbag Score

I’m on the e-mail list of several designer discount sites, like and They offer amazing deals on high-end clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories, but in many case, the merchandise is not returnable. That’s not too much of a problem, as long as purchases are limited to known designers (and their quality and sizing).

With that philosophy in mind, you can imagine my delight at scoring this Marc Jacobs satin and leather clutch–originally $595…Gilt Groupe price: $198.


Not only will it look fabulous with a black cocktail dress, but I think it would be fun and funky with jeans.

The Perfect Baby Boomer Cocktail Dress

This has to be one of the most flattering dresses for the 50-plus woman:


Designed by Tadashi, it’s the only sleeved dresses I’ve ever seen that doesn’t scream I’m old and my upper arms just ain’t what they used to be so I’m gonna be really subtle here and cover them up and you’ll never know.

As if.

These sleeves don’t look like camouflage at all (although they serve that purpose very nicely). The armholes are high, elongating the torso, and the sleeves are fitted enough to show off toned biceps and triceps if you’ve got them. The criss-crossed bodice visually narrows the waist, and the just-to-the-knee length is universally perfect. What’s more, the full skirt hides just about any hip or thigh imperfection you want to keep to yourself.

Team it with a pair of black patent peep-toe pumps and not much jewelry. The neckline is lovely without the need for embellishment, so a pair of chandelier earrings and a bracelet would suffice nicely.

Jewelry with Meaning

There’s a wonderful jewelry store on Cape Cod that also sells products at While I’ve never been to the brick-and-mortar place, I’ve bought a few items online. My most recent purchase is this:

fearlessness_bgMade by Me & Ro, this silver necklace is inscribed with the word “fearlessness” in Sanscrit. The concept of the word kept resonating for me, and I returned again and again to the product description.

As I get older, I find that fears crop up more often, and I don’t like it a bit. I was born with a well-developed worrier gene, and it gets in my way more often than not. Wearing this necklace is my statement (to whatever or whomever…it matters not) that I’m in control of those fears and can banish them at will.

And let’s be honest here…it’s also a fabulous piece of jewelry.