My Take on the 2015 Oscars Red Carpet

It’s all so subjective. I loved dresses that others panned…I chuckled at gowns that others thought were glorious. So here it is…one more person’s (pretty much) irrelevant opinions.

The Good

Emma Stone

Emma Stone
















Viola Davis

Viola Davis
















Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson
















Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana
















Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep
















Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
















Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson
















Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett
















The Bad

Naomi Watts – That black band makes it look like she’s wearing a gown over a tube top.

Naomi Watts
















Solange Knowles – Too. Much. Fabric.

Solange Knowles
















Chrissy Teigen – Not enough fabric.

















Felicity Jones – Overwhelming, but not in a good way.

Felicity Jones
















Jennifer Lopez – If boob tape didn’t exist, she’d never have anything to wear.

Jennifer Lopez
















Lorelei Linklater – I know she’s just a kid, but this is trying way too hard to be a grown-up…the wrong kind of grown-up.

Lorelei Linklater


The Oscars

Either I’m becoming bored and jaded or there really isn’t much to talk about. Most of the dresses at The Oscars didn’t warrant being placed in either my “love” or “hate” category, although a significant number of them fell firmly into “meh.”

With that said, here’s my take on last night’s dresses.


Charlize Theron–Saw her in Barneys in Beverly Hills last week, and I’m smitten.

Charlize Theron

Jane Fonda–Making growing older look like a walk in the park

jane fonda

Jennifer Hudson–Rockin’ the blue bling

Jennifer Hudson

Sandra Bullock–Elegant, in spite of the sheer panels

sandra Bullock

Stacy Keibler–Of course, she looks great in everything. Good work, George.

stacy keibler

Robin Roberts–Magnificent color on a magnificent woman

Robin Roberts


Melissa McCarthy–Singularly unflattering…from the color to the cut

melissa McCarthy

Louise Roe–This reminds me of the scene from “Carrie” where the bucket of blood is dumped on Sissy Spacek.

louise roe

Kelly Rowland–Just. Too. Much.

kelly rowland

Helena Bonham Carter–Ah, Helena, you never let me down!

Helena Bonham Carter

Brandi Glanville–Why even bother putting on clothes? If those boobs survived the evening, I’d be shocked.

Brandi Glanville

Anne Hathaway–Darts as nipples…amusing look

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