2011 Tony Awards

This year, I have only two comments on the outfits sported by celebrities at the 2011 Tony Awards–both of them about as negative as it gets. If something makes me gasp audibly, it warrants a what-were-you-thinking! post.

For starters, here’s Frances McDormand:

You are an amazing actress, Frances, but were you aware that you were attending an awards ceremony last night? I mean, washing your hair and putting on a bit of makeup might have been a good idea. As for the striped beach dress that grew into a floor-length atrocity…and the denim jacket, which has no place in a formal environment…methinks you need a new stylist.

And let’s not forget Whoopi Goldberg:

Nice hat, Whoops.

Dem Bones

If you are a baby boomer woman–and I hope you are, because this site has been created for you–you are well aware of the issues regarding bone density as we get older.

About five years ago, I had my first bone-density test. The results revealed osteopenia in my spine, although my hips were fine. The doctor I was seeing at the time prescribed Boniva, endorsed by Sally Field. After reading about the drug, I decided that it didn’t sound like something I wanted to take. It’s tough on the esophagus, the stomach, and the bones of the jaw…and I’m simply not a big fan of taking meds in the first place.

I decided that I would continue taking calcium supplements and boost my time in the gym. If my bones continued to weaken, I would agree to go on medication. Since bone-density tests are usually recommended once every two years, that’s how long I gave myself to try to change things on my own.

My regimen was as follows:

• 1000-1500 mg of food-based calcium every day
• Two weight-training sessions with a personal trainer per week
• Two spin classes per week
• Short walks (hills included) three to five times a week

In 2008, I had my second test. It indicated that everything was within acceptable ranges and I no longer fell into the osteopenia category. Not only didn’t my bones get any worse, they became stronger.

Since then, I added one more spin class to my workout routine. I’m not doing quite as much walking as I used to do, but I figure five days a week in the gym is pretty darn good.

Last week, I had a third test, and lo and behold–my bone density has increased even more. I know it seems weird to get excited about improving my bone mass, but this news delights me. This is the only body I have, and I plan to keep it in the best possible shape for as long as I can. If I can manage to do that without taking medication, better still.