Great Look for Spring

This outfit appeared in a recent e-mail from Anthropologie:

While I don’t wear pastels–only because they don’t do much for my coloring, not because I have a particular aversion to them–I’m truly taken by the freshness of this look. I’ve always loved the incongruity of a scarf with a sleeveless top, and the intricate, yet casual, way this one is tied is particularly appealing.

100 Things I Would Never Wear – Part 6

1. Denim with denim

2. Colored jewelry that matches what I’m wearing

3. White-framed sunglasses

4. Large hoop earrings

5. A long, hippie-style skirt or dress

6. Leather pants

7. Pleather anything

8. A white bra under a white shirt

9. A black bra under a white shirt

10.  A seamed bra under a T-shirt