SAG Awards Fashion: zzzzzzzz……

I had the most difficult time picking out my likes and dislikes on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. My reaction to most dresses was, “Yeah. Okay. Next.” Nothing stood out as a magnificent testament to style, while nothing made me groan, either. (Unless you consider Helena Bonham Carter, but it’s so clear that she dresses like a clown merely for dramatic effect, so she doesn’t really count.)

After serious deliberation, I’ve chosen these as my faves:

Mariska Hargitay

Heather Morris

Sofia Vergara

Hilary Swank

On the flip side were these errors in judgment:

Jenna Fischer

Melissa Leo

January Jones

Jennifer Lawrence

Mila Kunis

Australian Open: The Ace and the Fault

Setting aside the fact that I find Maria Sharapova incredibly tiresome, irritating, and annoying, her tennis outfits are consistently stylish, tasteful, and flattering. This year’s ensemble for the Australian open is no exception:

Tennis is one of the few style arenas where matchy-matchy actually works (unless you’re a guy, in which case it looks like you’ve been dressed by your mommy).

Alas, “stylish,” “tasteful,” and “flattering” are not words that even remotely come to mind when describing this disaster on Venus Williams:

It looks like she’s trying way too hard to be fashionable and edgy. Instead, she just looks foolish.



More Long Hair over 50

Photos of older (and I use the term loosely and respectfully) women with long hair—both celebrities and non—have received more hits than any of my other posts. So here you go…over-50 celebs sporting fabulous longer ‘dos.

Rene Russo, age 56

Holly Hunter, age 52

Maria Shriver, age 55

Michelle Pfeiffer, age 52

Christie Brinkley, age 56

Just wondering…

What does it mean when a young mother won’t allow her baby’s uncle to touch him because she fears the child will catch the young man’s STD? Did she miss the “sexually” part in “sexually transmitted disease?”

And what does it say about her knowledge of infant health and immunities when she refuses to even attempt to breastfeed her son because, in her words, “It’s icky.”

Ignorance is a terrifying thing. Let’s hope, for the baby’s sake, it’s not genetic.

Handbag Super Sale

I love handbags…the bigger, the better. That’s why I fell in love with the Soothsayer Satchel from Anthropologie.

It’s 15″ high x 14″ wide, so it’s a safe bet that it will accommodate all the junk I carry with me on a daily basis. I normally buy leather bags, so the fact that this one is canvas is a true departure for me. But I’m guessing it will be lightweight, which is a definite plus.

Perhaps best of all is the price: reduced from $298 (absurd for a cotton bag, in my humble opinion) to $69.95. Such a deal!

I promise to report back as soon as it arrives.